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Dentistry for Kids

Little girl smiling and high-fiving a dentist Dentistry for kids focuses on treating children and their oral health issues. One main concern that often occurs in children is dealing with toothaches. Toothaches can occur from a loose tooth, cavities, or infection.

A toothache can be extremely painful, particularly in children, who are more sensitive to discomfort than adults. The pain from an infected tooth can not only keep your child up at night, but it can also deter them from drinking enough fluids throughout the day to stay hydrated and healthy. If your child's teeth are causing them pain or if you notice that they are no longer drinking as much water as they were previously, you should consider bringing them in to see us at Robert H. Peterson DDS. Our experts will advise you to take some steps right away to help alleviate the pain and prevent permanent damage to their teeth and gums.

How to Prevent Tooth Pain When Your Child Has A Cavity

The best way to keep your child from tooth pain is by taking them to a pediatric dentist as soon as they develop a cavity. Pediatric dentists work differently than adult dentists. They focus less on cosmetic appearance and more on saving teeth, which are vital for kids of all ages. Pediatric dentists can determine how far a cavity has spread and then help you choose between using fillings or having teeth removed. In most cases, pediatric dentists will recommend fillings when possible but let parents know that teeth may need to be removed when filling up a cavity is not possible because of the location or size of the cavity. If there are cavities in more than one tooth, additional treatments, including fluoride, may be recommended before permanent teeth have erupted and started to deteriorate.

Handling Toothache Emergencies In Kids

If your child is experiencing tooth pain and an emergency dentist is not readily available, it is essential to find immediate solutions to help ease the pain. For example, you can apply cold compression on your child's cheeks then call our office first thing in the morning for a possible appointment. If that does not work, see a pediatrician. The vast majority of kids will have a tooth infection, tooth decay or gum disease and need a professional opinion from their dentist as soon as possible. If your pediatrician diagnoses an abscessed tooth, ask if it is okay to give over-the-counter pain medication to your child.

Why Is It Important to Take Your Child for Dental Treatments?

It is essential to take your kids to the dentist for oral treatments. You should try as much as possible to avoid fixing oral issues using home methods as they could lead to other complications. Again, seeing a dentist early on will ensure your kids develop good dental hygiene habits, learn about proper oral care and understand what issues are normal for their age and which ones need professional attention.

Caring for Your Child's Teeth

If your child has any tooth issues, bring them to our Robert H. Peterson DDS clinic . Our pediatric dentist may choose to do an extraction or root canal procedure to ease the pain on your child's tooth. The procedure will also help eliminate the spread of oral infection. You are free to book an appointment with us through calling 503-635-3438 at your preferred time and day.
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